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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10 Echo Fighters That Could Join the Roster

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Echo Fighters aren’t a new concept within the Super Smash Bros. series, but they were given that monicker within the formal unveiling of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during Nintendo’s E3 2018 showing. It was during this showcase that the classification was officially given to the characters Lucina and Dark Pit, with Daisy being revealed as the game’s third clone that will occupy a spot on Ultimate‘s roster.

Given how much easier it is to include a fighter akin to the aforementioned three, Echo Fighters make for a spectacular means of building the roster to even greater heights. Admittedly, not always for the better in terms of uniqueness, but there are a few fringe newcomers that may be able to debut as a result of this development tactic.

Check out 10 potential Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Echo Fighters below.

Funky Kong

super smash bros ultimate echo fighter funky kong

Echo Fighter: Donkey Kong

Funky Kong is far from the most requested Donkey Kong rep, but his stature and physique would make for a perfect Echo Fighter of the titular DK. While Dixie Kong is better suited as a semi-clone of Diddy Kong given her unique hair-centric moves and lack of a tail – occupying a similar territory as Dr. Mario who is technically not an Echo Fighter – Funky Kong could easily join the fray.

Of course, that is hopefully after King K. Rool has secured a spot on the Smash roster.


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter chrom

Echo Fighter: Ike

As a favourite leading up to the launch of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Chrom looked like a shoo-in to join the series. However, this confidence by the community came to a screeching halt during the reveal trailer for Robin and Lucina – which even went so far as to feature Chrom and tease that the hero may have his time to shine in the next franchise instalment. That means that if he’s ever going to make the Smash roster then now is his best chance to do so.

With Roy and Lucina currently acting as a semi-clone and Echo Fighter, respectively, why not make Chrom follow in the footsteps of the Fire Emblem mainstay Ike? A lighter version of the heavy-hitting sword-user with a little less reach (as a result of the Falchion’s size) could be quite something from a competitive perspective.


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter louie

Echo Fighter: Captain Olimar

A number of Smash community members remained hopeful that Alph would be upgraded to his own fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards given his presence alongside Captain Olimar on the Pikmin protagonist’s webpage on the official Smash Bros. website. With Alph out of the running, Olimar’s colleague Louie could be primed to join the roster.

Rock Pikmin in lieu of Purple Pikmin would be the easiest way of differentiating Louie as an Echo Fighter, as well as a slower movement speed. Could the carrot-obsessed sidekick emerge as a new challenger?


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter isabelle

Echo Fighter: Villager

Isabelle isn’t really the sort of hero that’s primed for battle. Given her secretarial role in the Animal Crossing games, she seems best suited to remain as an Assist Trophy to be completely honest. Still, Villager wasn’t exactly the meme-worthy psychopath he has become following his reveal in Smash Wii U/3DS, so why can’t the pleasant pooch follow suit by displaying a few of her own unhinged tendencies.

Perhaps her Final Smash could mirror Villager’s but instead feature Tom Nook building a Town Hall? I’m just spitballing here.

Dark Samus

super smash bros ultimate echo fighter dark samus

Echo Fighter: Samus

As one of the very few reoccurring baddies in the Metroid series, the antagonist of Prime 2 and 3 has been an on-again, off-again favourite of Smash fans. What makes this potential newcomer so interesting though is the fact that, much like Dark Pit, Dark Samus is almost an exact copy of Aran herself – equipped with all of the armaments one would expect to see from the world-class bounty hunter. Given that she is also the Phazon-formed reincarnation of the beast known as Metroid Prime, she would make for a great option alongside newcomer Ridley.

What’s so interesting about this character’s potential as a fighter is that Samus’ Dark Samus-inspired alternate skin was nowhere to be found during Nintendo’s E3 2018 demos. Furthermore, the character’s Assist Trophy has also been a no-show thus far. Could this be Dark Samus’ time to (ironically) shine?


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter octoling

Echo Fighter: Inkling

Now, it should be said that the project plan for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was completed back in 2015, which means that Octolings wouldn’t have risen to prominence like they have with Splatoon 2‘s most recent DLC – making them highly unlikely as of this writing. Still, the characters have emerged as favourites as a result of their rivalry with one of Smash‘s newest fighters, the Inklings.

Given that the Octo Expansion sees them utilizing the same weapons as their more popular counterparts, an Octoling would be an easy inclusion as an Echo Fighter. Perhaps as DLC?


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter wart
Credit: Smashified

Echo Fighter: King Dedede

This is entirely a pipe dream, but that seems almost appropriate given the nature of Wart’s existence in the Super Mario universe. The long-forgotten villain seemingly stands his best chance of exacting revenge on the moustached-face of Nintendo if he appears as an Echo Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unfortunately, Bowser is a little too unique (read: he has a gargantuan shell) to be copied by this regal amphibian, but Wart’s robe is reminiscent to another quasi-villainous king that already occupies a spot on the roster…

King Dedede could provide Wart with some decent moves to modernize the villain. Given that he only spits bubble in Super Mario Bros. 2 it’s probably best that his move set is opened up a bit by allowing for some creative license. Or, you know, just include Wart as a downloadable character in Mario Tennis Aces. Whatever gets him back in the limelight.


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter impa

Echo Fighter: Sheik

The return of Young Link signals the first time that the Zelda series has featured over six fighters in one Smash Bros. entry – which is bizarre when considering that the franchise is one of the largest in Nintendo’s lineup. Since half of that fighter count is made up of different variations of Link, perhaps it’s time that a new face got some recognition. And who better than the reoccurring leader of the Sheikah herself, Impa.

There are a number of designs that could be used when implementing Impa, but as long as she handles comparably to Sheik (which is often a top-tier character in competitive play) then fans would be sure to put this Echo Fighter to good use.

Masked Man

super smash bros ultimate echo fighter masked man
Credit: Smashified

Echo Fighter: Ness

The Masked Man is far from a well known character in North America given that his game, Mother 3, never officially released in the region – but that hasn’t stopped Lucas from becoming a beloved veteran. Now that the pair of Mother (Earthbound in North America) representatives are set to return, it’s about time that the roster grew to accommodate a tragic villain from the same series. If the above image wasn’t already a dead giveaway, I’m speaking of the Masked Man.

Without giving away too much on the identity of this character, his moves could function similarly to Ness or Lucas – albeit with a bit of a technological flair. Replacing Ness’ trusty baseball bat could be a sword and instead of PK Thunder or PK Fire attacks could be projectiles from the Masked Man’s arm cannon.


super smash bros ultimate echo fighter zerora

Echo Fighter: Lucario

Zeraora’s existence as a hidden Legendary within Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon was only just recently confirmed in an official capacity by The Pokemon Company, but this Electric-type looks primed to give other Pocket Monsters on the Smash roster a run for their money. What’s so peculiar about this creature though is the fact that it looks almost identical to Lucario – aside from that fact that, you know, it’s a cat instead of a dog.

Much like the aura mechanics of Lucario and its arsenal, Zeraora is capable of building up energy by making contact with various items. Like the Octolings though, it may be just a little too early to consider this Echo Fighter as anything but a downloadable candidate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to arrive exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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