Worth the Dough: MLB The Show 19 Review

PlayStation’s MLB The Show 19 continues to remain atop the list of sports video games with the company’s newest addition to the series. With some additional game modes like “March to October” and “Moments” being introduced – while beloved core modes like Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show remaining intact – The Show 19 gives gamers the complete package in a completely revamped game that is sure to leave baseball fans eagerly awaiting their next at bat.

Sony looked to improve the overall defensive play in this year’s game, seeing as, in previous releases, the defensive play received criticism due to poor/questionable animations and lack of options. Luckily, this year they addressed these issues and have inserted a colour-coded defensive indicator, which can be found underneath the athlete that tells you exactly how skilled the player is at fielding their position. Gold indicates that they’re an elite fielder, while grey and blue indicate that they’re a defensive liability. In addition to this, when you’re controlling an elite outfielder, you’ll see a path that the ball will travel when it hits a wall so that you can plan where to be and where the ball will be thrown to. However, if you’re controlling a lesser-skilled players, then the path isn’t as clear and will force you to do some guesswork.

As for the new game modes, Moments seems to be the one that stands out the most. As any die-hard baseball fan can remember, there are moments throughout the course of a season that really seem to hold a place in fans’ memories. In this new game mode, you’re able to relive some of baseball’s most historic moments in history as you complete various challenges. Whether it be a vintage Babe Ruth challenge that is coated in a black-and-white overlay, or  Jose ‘Joey Bats’ Bautista’s dinger that was sent to the upper deck of the Rogers Centre in game 5 of the ALDS against the Texas Rangers, this mode is sure to allow players to relive their favourite moments. And as a nice bonus, there’s some historical footage played at the beginning of each mission to help set the tone.

The second of the two new game modes is March to October, a game mode that is designed to swiftly get you through a season by combining simulated games with impactful playable moments. Once a March to October team has been selected, you are shown a 2019 recap video and then are inserted into the tail end of your selected team’s Opening Day. Depending on how you perform, momentum will either be gained or lost – this ultimately effects how your selected team performs down the stretch.

MLB The Show 19 Screenshots

The Show’s patented Road to the Show game mode could be the most authentic pro-athlete experience in a video game to date. Beginning from your All-Star prospect right through to the World Series, this game mode really gives the player a meaningful experience that never seems to disappoint. You’re able to empty countless hours into the creation of your pro as you build his appearance, baseball style and persona – which includes being able to import your favourite tunes and customize your pro’s walk-up and homerun song – giving even more personality to the created players in the game. Once you get the nod to join the Major League, that’s when things really start to get interesting as you prepare to go toe-to-toe with top pros like Clayton Kershaw or Bryce Harper.

MLB The Show 19 is the first game since The Show 12 (Diamond Dynasty) to offer new ways to experience the game. With improved graphics and presentation, there are times when I swear I’m watching a real-life MLB game on my TV. The players all act like themselves and the broadcasters are enjoyable to listen to. Whether you’re working on creating a stud-loaded roster in Diamond Dynasty or playing a quick nine innings with your buddies; there’s something for every type of player. Overall, this game is a must-have for baseball fans and shows promise that things will only become more authentic as the series progresses.

MLB: The Show 19 is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4. PlayStation Canada provided Okay, Cool with a game code for coverage purposes.

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