What’s Up with THAT Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer?

Here at Okay, Cool, we’ve made it our mission to ruminate, speculate, and generally wax poetical when it comes to video games, movies, or both. When something comes along that’s squarely in the wheelhouse of both, it’s hard to resist.

Having said that, I freely admit that when I saw the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, my first thought was: …why?

Before I go on, take a gander for yourself:

You know, if you were just listening to the audio, it’s not half bad – it has all the fun noises from our childhoods, including the rings, and the sounds of Sonic charging up as he gets ready to take off.

However, it has other strange choices, including the odd decision to give Sonic unnerving, human-like teeth, as you can see in the header. The Internet, being the Internet, did not give a chance to let this rest:

It’s somewhat creepy, to be sure, but along with the absolutely baffling music choice, it seems Paramount is bent on making a movie out of the late 90s/early 2000s as much as possible.

You know what, I’m prepared to give it a chance. At the very least, if that era is what they’re going for, it seems to be bringing along with it that era of Jim Carrey, who has sadly been missing for some time now. If this movie accomplishes nothing else than Carrey making me laugh, then it’ll have done its job.

You can find Sho on Twitter at @SNSAlli. He also has human teeth, if you must know.

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