super smash bros ultimate piranha plant

Piranha Plant Makes Future Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Selections Interesting Again

Fans that walked away from the most recent Smash-focused Nintendo Direct probably had a range of emotions about the presentation. Some may have been happy with Ken and Incineroar making the cut while others were disappointed by the lack of favourites like Banjo or Geno, but a feeling of confusion has to be the safest assumption when gauging the community’s reaction to the announcement that Piranha Plant is set to be a playable character.

Truthfully, the combatant is the most out-there addition to the series ever seen, which is saying a lot about a franchise that currently has a two-dimensional man that transforms into an octopus on its roster. So after the shock has subsided (truthfully it still feels surreal), it’s clear that fans really should expect the unexpected moving forward when it comes to downloadable content.

For those unaware, Piranha Plant will be free downloadable content for those that preorder Ultimate ahead of its launch, but there are still five more combatants set to debut in 2019 as part of the game’s “Fighters Pass.” This is where things get fun, because the content clocks in at $31.49 CAD when everything is said and done, but Nintendo isn’t even ready to namedrop a single one of the fighters that will be included in the pass.

The publisher is hoping that gamers will trust the developers to deliver quality content moving forward, but Piranha Plant seems to indicate that there will be plenty of curveballs. While gamers may have some reservations following this pot-based fighter, it’s actually quite an exciting premise in and of itself. Sure, it’s always a bit risky and unadvisable to drop cash on an undetermined grab bag of content, but Smash fans could get some truly interesting fighters if this weed from the Mushroom Kingdom is any sort of indication.

Some of the most exciting and memorable moments in Smash Bros. history stem from the reveals of unexpected characters. Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch in Melee, Pit and R.O.B. in Brawl, and Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt in Wii U/3DS (just to name a few) are all combatants that no one saw coming and their inclusions made the roster chemistry in each respective game all the more intriguing as a result. Looking at the reveal pattern for Ultimate, we were treated to a number of highly requested fighters like King K. Rool and Ridley, but were missing a head-turning character on par with the previously mention newcomers – up until Piranha Plant, of course.

Now that the leafy antagonist has set its roots into Smash, it feels as if literally any fighter could show up next. As someone that’s often left feeling jaded by certain ongoings within the gaming industry, it’s nice to have this reprieve of sorts from staying within the norms. Heck, maybe Bandana Waddle-Dee from Kirby or Mickey Mouse wielding a Keyblade will show up next. No one knows what awaits, but whatever it is, it’s safe to say that fans won’t probably see it coming.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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