NBA Live 19 Raptors DeRozan

NBA Live 19: Here’s What DeRozan Could Have Looked Like on the Raptors if the World Wasn’t A Hot Dumpster Fire

DeMar DeRozan is a legend in the making: the four-time NBA All-Star will always be one of Toronto’s most-beloved players. He loved the city, and the city loved him back. Like all too many franchise-based love stories, things came to an unexpected end when he was traded away to the Spurs this July.

It was a difficult time for Toronto. Fans coped with the loss in their own way: some swore on message boards. Some wrote poetry. Others filled their Instagram stories with DeMar jerseys and well wishes. DeMar, upset, used his own Instagram to rant.

Thanks to the magic of NBA Live 19, Raptors fans can take a look at what an in-game DeMar DeRozan would have looked like this year if he’d stayed in The Six. The video below can be tough to watch, not just because of DeMar, but because of how much Kyrie Irving dominates the early game. Thankfully, someone on the Raptors is there to lead the comeback.

You all know who it is.

Gamers can make no mistake about it: DeMar is just as highly rated in the game as Raptors fans rated him on the court, and his qualities shine through in what proved to be a difficult two quarters against the Celtics. When you need a 3, he’s Toronto’s man. He always was.

Our playthrough ended at half-time, so no one will ever know if DeRozan would have made the difference for the Raptors. Maybe it’s best this way.

NBA Live 19 will release on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can find John on Twitter at @Makelevi if you want to witness another hot dumpster fire.


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