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Exclusive: EA Sports Wants To Add Fortnite Celebrations To FIFA

Fortnite is everywhere, and the world of sports is no exception: from the UFC to the NBA and more recently to the World Cup final itself, professional athletes around the world have taken to flaunting the game wherever possible. A World Cup winner with the France national team, Antoine Griezmann, scored a penalty in the World Cup Final and proceeded to bust out the ‘Take The L’ celebration towards the Croatian masses. Pandemonium broke out in the stands, but that was going to happen anyway.

So, that brings us to the real question: Will EA Sports add Fortnite celebrations to FIFA? After all, it’s a franchise that prides itself on authenticity, and this is something that is happening in professional football leagues all over the world.

FIFA 19 Creative Director Matt Prior fielded the question during a recent sit-down with us, and he was quick to acknowledge that EA Sports is keen on its end to make the game as authentic as possible, and that means the studio would like to add the Fortnite celebrations:

We’re player first and authenticity first. If you’re seeing it in the real world, we would ideally like to see it in the game. It’s in the game. You know, that whole thing.

Unfortunately, however, it seems like potential licensing issues are putting a hold on any Fortnite celebrations making the transition from one intellectual property to another:

We have seen celebrations like the Fortnite one going in. There might be licensing issues around them, but we are always looking at the real world of football and trying to replicate it as much as possible. Specifically to those ones, I’m not sure if there are licensing issues around that.

It’s not the first time EA Sports has found itself at a road block with gameplay items they’d like to implement. Matt had previously been quite vocal about how much the development team would like to add cross-platform play, but the success of that endeavor lies with the likes of Microsoft and Sony rather than at Electronic Arts.

For now, gamers hoping to see Griezmann perform his infamous ‘Take The L’ celebration in a cup final (a feat he’s now managed to do twice) will have to tune into Atlético Madrid’s UEFA Super Cup match against Real Madrid (now sans Cristiano Ronaldo) this August.

FIFA 19 will release for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One this September 28, 2018.

You can find John on Twitter at @Makelevi, where he tweets at least once every Fortnite fortnight .

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