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Is the Studio Behind Gears of War 4 Co-Developing a New Perfect Dark Game?

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Many of Rare‘s properties have retained the admiration of gamers decades after core iterations of hits like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker first arrived on the scene. As fans continue to petition for the resurrection of those dedicated platforming franchises, however, it appears as if another property with roots originating from the Leicestershire-based studio is on its way to seeing a new entry. As the title of this article ham-fistedly alluded to, that game is none other than Perfect Dark.

Rumours pertaining to a resurrection of the series first originated from a post on ResetEra by user klobrille, claiming to know several major projects that Microsoft has in the works. One claim in particular alluded to Gears of War 4 developer, The Coalition, co-developing a brand new, third-person Perfect Dark title. Setting aside the fact that the alteration of the camera placement for the traditionally first-person shooter series would be a massive changeup for fans, the identity of the other studio assisting The Coalition with such a project wasn’t detailed.

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It certainly looks like something is up.

Given the track record of klobrille in the past, these Xbox-related murmurings were given a platform by several major news outlets. Now evidence has emerged suggesting that The Coalition is indeed working on an IP outside of the Gears of War series, as posted by an official Microsoft vendor, Storylab Productions, on its official website. The firm previously assisted The Coalition with both Gears of War 4 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, by providing the team with “Motion Capture Services, Casting Services, Stunts and Performers, Production Crew, Payroll Services, Production Consultation, etc.”.

It’s possible that Storylab Productions is simply taking credit for its ongoing role in assisting with an extension of the ongoing Gears of War series, but the fact that the firm opted to claim that the project is a “new IP” would indicate otherwise.

Those willing to look back at the history of The Coalition may also recall the developer’s original monicker, Black Tusk Studios, and a teaser for the firm’s new game that debuted at Xbox’s E3 2013 press conference. This unnamed stealth-action title was soon swept under the rug and, presumably, placed on the shelf (if not scrapped entirely) following Microsoft’s acquisition of Gears of War from Epic Games and Black Tusk’s following rebrand to accommodate the newly acquired IP.

Looking back at the aesthetic and apparent premise in the teaser trailer, perhaps this project has been resurrected and is now in active development under the Perfect Dark brand? It’s impossible to say at this time, but it’s entirely possible that fans will be seeing the likes of Joanna Dark sooner than they had anticipated suiting up once again as Marcus Fenix.

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